“Why would anyone want to hunt with or carry an ugly gun?”

The Gun Dr.


The Gun Dr.

Robert (Bob) Fannin, Owner.


I have been around guns from the time I was a small boy because my grandfather owned a farm.  Guns were just one of the tools required to ensure the safety of the livestock.  I have enjoyed guns since I was able to “keep both ends off the ground”.  During almost 30 years as a welder and salvage specialist, I became proficient at working with metals.  I decided to go back to school and merge my love of firearms with my metal-working skills.  I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania Gunsmith School (www.pagunsmith.edu) in Pittsburgh, PA as a certified master gunsmith.  After graduation I returned for specialized AR-15/M-16 training.  I would like to become YOUR gunsmith, to assist with the maintenance, repairs, or customizing of your hand guns and long guns.  I think you’ll be pleased with the results.






Certified Master Gunsmith

Certified Glock Armorer

Certified SigSauer Armorer

Major and Minor Repairs

Professional Cleaning & Check

Mounting and Boresight


Drilling and Tapping for Scopes

Night Sights Installed

Stock Refinishing

Recoil Pad Installation